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Agent Jaz is here to crack the code for buyers and sellers with genuine expertise and care. Feel free to browse the website and educate yourself or search for homes. I am a quick chat away if you want to get in touch through one of the contacts above.

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True Life: I Want To Be A Real Estate Agent

 So how do I get into real estate?Take the 60 hour course (in VA it’s 60 hours). Once you start the course take it as quickly as possible. Make yourself a schedule and stick to it if you

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What questions do I ask Brokers when I am interviewing them?

What questions do I ask brokers when I am interviewing them?After you pass the PSI is the best time to start looking into brokerages. If you stay on top of it interviewing brokers should take no

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5 Codes for New or Aspiring Real Estate Agents

 Doing your research, especially when entering a new field or career path is essential, that's why you are here today! But take that negative feedback and knowledge and use it as fuel. I read

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