True Life: I Want To Be A Real Estate Agent

Dated: March 8 2021

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So how do I get into real estate?

  1. Take the 60 hour course (in VA it’s 60 hours). Once you start the course take it as quickly as possible. Make yourself a schedule and stick to it if you do online. We recommend Moseley Real Estate School . 

In Person-$Prices vary

Online- $ Prices vary

*Textbook costs found on website as well*


    2. Pass the PSI which consists of the State and National Portion

Application - less than $200    in my area*

Fingerprint - less than 60         in my area*    

Exam- less than $70                    in my area*


      3. Select a sponsoring broker (blog on interview questions for brokers here)

                    Canzell (of course)


      4. Complete application to DPOR.


      5. Wait for license to come in to begin to practice, (signing with Canzell you will be assigned a mentor who will be a close colleague and  friend hopefully by the end of your mentorship)




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Why A Mentor?

  1. Real Estate is a different world, you want someone with prior knowledge on your side.
  2. 60% of Real Estate Agents fail in their first year or are unsuccessful overall.
  3. Take interviewing brokers seriously (ask the right questions)—>link in my blog @
  4. No one is holding your hand….

Congratulations!!! You're an Independent Contractor

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Independent Contractor


You are no longer an employee!


Although we want to get from under “the mans” thumb, his systems have been successful.



Why I left or want to leave my current job (1-3 reasons)






How your business as a realtor will be better (1-3 ways)






We have to take our businesses seriously so we will be successful and come out on top.


And that’s why it is crucial to have a CPA during your real estate career and as a resource for clients who are entrepreneurs as well.


Agents are especially...

-Vulnerable to high tax credits

-need to AVOID underpayment penalties

 -which lead to Failure to pay penalties…NOOOOOOO!



Track your auto, Track your mileage  with great apps like @mileIQ @everlance




2 Key Partners




Once a lead or a client is ready to get pre-approved (know their buying power)it's time to set them up with a lender, they may know who they want to go with when it comes to a lender or you may need to make a personal reference.

**clients often like to say their bank but a mortgage lender works with home loans more frequently than large banks do and should better cater to your client.**

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You will work with them closely. Some clients will come already pre-approved, great, you will still have to work closely with that lender during various parts of the process to ensure a smooth transaction (ensure you get their lenders information)

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