What questions do I ask Brokers when I am interviewing them?

Dated: February 24 2021

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What questions do I ask brokers when I am interviewing them?

After you pass the PSI is the best time to start looking into brokerages. If you stay on top of it interviewing brokers should take no time and you will know in your gut which brokerage to go with. But what are some questions that you’ll want to know the answers to to help guide you to knowing? I’ve complied a list of some common and maybe unique questions to ask. I didn’t want to write three paragraphs before getting to what you actually google searched for so there are reasons under each question as to why you’re asking it. Feel free to print this sheet or use it as a reference when interviewing brokers. I suggest interviewing at least 3 and then choosing from there. 

What are/if any monthly or quarterly fees?

*there are usually fees or dues required by brokerages*

What are your commissions splits? Is there a cap or will I always have to pay commission splits.

*basis to how much you pocket after the broker gets paid*

Is there a mentor program?

*want to shadow someone, actually you need to*

Is there a training program? How long is it?

*the more you know*

Will I be able to shadow in the field?

*home inspections, buyers meetings, sellers meeting, etc.*

How well do your starting agents do? In their first year? Do many leave? Retention rate? 

*success rate is important*

Values? Beliefs? CRM system?

*who are they really?*


*How do I get clients?*

Designated office time?

*meetings, etc.*

Are there team meetings?

*do you have to dedicate time to team meetings*

What do you provide when it comes to branding and marketing? 

*will I be paying for all of my marketings? Signs I can pick up and use for open houses and listings?*

BOA’s? Who processes the paperwork? Do we do that on our own?

*is there an assistant or team that handles the paperwork when it comes to contracts?*

How is the overall environment?

*you want to love where you work*

No brokerage will have it all, or maybe it will, chose the brokerage that makes the best sense to you and makes you feel the best. 

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